Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scouting's Spirit lives worldwide

I traveled to the town called Nyeri, here in central province, not knowing what to expect when I arrived. I had a map in mind as I had memorized it from the Lonely Planet guide. Naturally, upon getting off the matatu (van-like-taxi) in Nyeri, I was lost err I mean exploring (since Scouts are never lost). After some walking around to find some landmarks I knew on the map, I was able to find my way towards the resting place of Lord Powell.
Upon my arrival I met other Scouts who were also visiting Lord Powell's grave site. The Scouts I met were very friendly and invited me to accompany them for further Scouting-related activities.
During the weekend, I had a chance to meet with Scouts and Scouters from all over the world including: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, all over Kenya, the U.K., Senegal and another Scout from the U.S.A. Of all the Scouts I met during my visit to Nyeri, I was most touched by the friendliness of the Scouts I met while visiting Lord Powell's grave site. Departing from the grave site, we visited Paxtu which is where Lord Powell lived. His former home has since become a museum of the Scouting Movement.
Additioanlly, I was very touched by the Tanzanian Scouter who is also the headmaster of Lord Baden Powell Memorial High School based in Dar-Es-Salaam,Tanzania. All students, staff, and supporters of the school are all Scouts and Scouters from what the Headmaster was explaining. Could you imagine going to a high school like that? I think the idea is very worth while. Perhaps one day I will be able to visit their school in Tanzania.
Lastly, I have some announcements for Scouters around the world: Every Februrary 22nd (the birthdate of Lord and Lady Powell) there is a Scout camp and celebration in Nyeri - if any Scouts are interested in coming, please contact me as I would like to visit the site again, and I can provide assistance. Second announcement: Next year from July-August Kenya is going to be hosting an International Scout Moot. Again, if any Scouts are visiting, I would love to host a visitor and I too hope to join the program next year.

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  1. I am trying to earn my merit badge in wildebeest maintenance, but no one will send me one. Where is my wildebeest?