Friday, February 20, 2009

Helping the community

So today, Friday the 20th of February, 2009 I decided to walk around town and visit other organizations to see how I can further assist the community.
I found my way to the edge of town to find that a VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing center - for HIV/AIDS) had been previously established by another Peace Corps Volunteer. I was very excited to see that the works of previous volunteers still impact the community in a positive way.
I met with the Doctor and the staff at this facility and introduced myself and explained that I too am here as a Peace Corps Volunteer and that I would like to provide assistance to the VCT as I am able.
They have asked me to teach the staff at the VCT computer skills, which I am looking forward to doing. As my first computer course I am teaching is drawing to an end, I will try to re-arrange my schedule so that I am not teaching (or helping in some other way) in the same place Mon-Fri. Instead, I would like to work with different groups in different places throughout the week so that my impact can go further.
With this information in mind, I will be training others so that they may be able to teach during my absences. For example, if I am teaching the computer course say Mon-Weds, I can have lessons and/or teach someone else to teach/assist the students on Thurs & Fris so that I can be elsewhere providing other assistance. Of course the scheduling may become very tricky and may involve teaching/helping on the weekends also.
Either way, I look forward to providing further assistance to the community.

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