Monday, July 20, 2009

Hell's Gate National Park

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
~Dante Alighieri

The following pictures were taken during a trip to Hell's Gate National Park near Lake Naivasha. Please refer to my Picasa web album for more pictures from the trip:

David, Pat, and I posing at one of the landmarks where rock climbing is possible.

George, our guide, during a one hour hike through the gorge in the park.

David, Pat, and I posing at a junction in the gorge during our one hour trip

Pat and George posing opposite at the junction of the gorge - the previous picture is 180 degrees from this angle.

Near the end of the hike there was this water fall on the side of the gorge.

Please note that since my current internet is prepaid, per MB, I am limited to reposting many photos on my blog, my picasa web album as well as facebook. As such, most of my photos will be on my picasa web album for all to see and make comments on. However, you can still see the pictures from my blog on picasa.
Please feel free to look about at my pictures, post comments, etc. :D

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  1. Daniel!! umenyamaza sana! lol. hope ur doing well. i hear u r getting a newbie next month!!