Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Serve the Community

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. ~ Albert Einstein

Quick note: Since I have not been online in many days, today is a two-fer. Don't forget to read both!

During most of the month of April, I was in training. The first training was In-Service Training (IST) in Nairobi, followed by a Permaculture training near Mt. Kenya. IST was the first time our entire training group was together again since we went to our respective sites. It was truly awesome to see everyone back together and to hear about what everyone is doing with their communities.
On top of getting to see everyone once again, we attended some training sessions as a large group and other sessions that were divided by sector: Small Enterprise Development, Math & Science Education, Deaf Education, and Information Communication Technology (ICT). As for our ICT training, our APCD was able to get a professor at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to work with us. He was very helpful with all of our training needs. We visited many places of particular importance – such as Universities and places in Nairobi where we could find great bargains on all kinds of tech things.
Since training was over a week long, on the weekend I got a chance to travel to the “Bomas of Kenya”. It was a very neat facility: there are replicas of the traditional houses from various tribes native to Kenya. Also at Bomas, there was a dance exhibition in which 10 different dances were performed. The dances were almost all traditional dances of the tribes of Kenya – there was even an acrobatic display. The most amazing thing during the acrobatic display was a fellow doing the limbo as low as two 300mL bottles of coke while the limbo bar was on fire. I did not get a great picture of this feat, though I have a picture of the set up of the bar.

Training was indeed a wonder time and I learned a lot that I hope to bring to the community so that we can continue in the never ending quest of improvement.

Picture time:
At the equator in Nanyuki;

Limbo being set up on two 300mL bottles of coke

Me at the "Unmarried Son's Hut" (at Bomas of Kenya)

Me wearing an African-style shirt and kikoi ("man skirt")

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