Friday, March 13, 2009

Frightened by chickens?

“Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” ~George Elliot

On one fine afternoon, I was walking home from class and I stopped for a moment to enjoy the peacefulness of the nature around me.
I stopped by the side of the road underneath the shade of a nearby tree. As I stood there, I could hear nothing but the wind and about three different types of birds singing away this peaceful afternoon. I'm not certain how much time had passed and it was quite unusual for the road to be this quiet so I was expecting at any moment to hear the roar of a pikipiki (motorcycle) motor as it was passing by. Without realizing it, I had stopped paying attention to the birds and other animals - just listening to the wind expecting my peaceful experience to be disturbed by a pikipiki.
Just then, as I thought I heard a pikipiki engine roaring down the road, I heard a noise in the bushes that frightened me half-to-death. In the brief moment before I saw what presumed animal made the noise, I was half-ready to run for my life.
Then just before I started running, I saw a chicken with her family of chicks following her as they were searching for food.
Shortly after realizing there was nothing to fear, I felt very happy. I don't think I can recall many occasions where I was able to just be in peace with nature & my environment back in the States.
Of course, I was slightly disappointed that soon after the chickens frightened me traffic resumed and I was unable to find my peace again. But alas, tomorrow is another day...


  1. those baby mama chickens ain't nothin to mess with daniel! :) i've got one here who is nothin but attitude!

  2. I'll bet that chicken ate my wildebeest...cause i ain't seen hide nor hair of it. Please tell me it's not in Jamaica!